10 Ways A Professional Organizer Changes Someone’s Life

10 Ways A Professional Organizer Changes Someone’s Life

The rewards of the professional organizing profession are numerous and Organizers are often called “miracle workers” after they put order in. Creating order out of disorder does leave some miraculous results and will always change a person’s life for the better, in one way or another.

Just removing clutter from a space can be therapy all in itself. Take it a step further and rearrange furniture to make the space more functional and you’ve got a new, fresh area that takes “organization therapy” to whole new level.

lr-before2 lr-after2

An entire room can be transformed, or just one section of a room, like a desk or office area.

office-before1 office-after1

And that’s the business of professional organizers – to transform spaces into livable, more functional spaces.

That said, it should be noted that organizing other people’s spaces is sort of an exact science and has certain methodologies to create order – or  organization – in spaces. The expertise, knowledge and experience of a professional organizer makes all the difference in not only transforming spaces, but transforming lives.

Here are the top 10 ways a professional organizer makes a difference in improving someone’s life:

  1. They see beyond the mess. They can see beyond a disordered space and identify the root of organization problems. This gives them solutions to handle the issue so that a person can get and STAY organized.
  2. They have knowledge of organization basics. These are simple methods that others may not even be aware of or think about using or doing. This knowledge could be as simple as “put the mail in [a designated spot] instead of on there [like tossed on the table].”
  3. Their expertise lends valuable advice. An expert in any field is as valuable as the knowledge and experience they can bring to the client. A professional organizer’s expertise is creating order and providing organizing solutions to help the client live better – more efficiently, more productively, more stress-free.
  4. Their guidance and support helps get the job done. Aside from lending advice, guiding someone through their clutter and disorganization is beneficial to most anyone who calls on a professional for help. This is because they have decided or realized that they can’t do it alone, or don’t want to do it alone.
  5. They offer organizing solutions to fit any organization issue. These solutions can come in the form of advice and/or certain organizing products that help create organized spaces.
  6. They know all types of organizing products and storage solutions to fit any needs. A professional organizer has an eye for products that solve organization issues, and know the stores that carry what is needed.
  7. They have the ability to create space. This ability is derived from the knowledge of how clutter eats space and how removing it can free up space. It also comes from how they see the space once organization is put into it.
  8. Their strategies and organizing systems are custom-made for the individual. By custom-made, means tailor-made to fit an individual’s situation, issue, problem or lifestyle. The “No one shoe fits all” statement applies to organizing someone because everyone is different in one way or another.
  9. They help people streamline their lives. This is accomplished by helping people get rid of what is no longer needed, wanted, or just doesn’t have any value or function anymore – something that some people cannot identify by themselves.
  10. They inspire and motivate people to improve their situation. This alone may be all it takes to make a difference for someone, but it really enables a person to reach their goals and objectives to be organized.

I invite you to offer more ways a professional organizer makes a difference by leaving a comment!