10 Ways A Professional Organizer Changes Someone’s Life

The rewards of the professional organizing profession are numerous and Organizers are often called “miracle workers” after they put order in. Creating order out of disorder does leave some miraculous results and will always change a person’s life for the better, in one way or another.

Just removing clutter from a space can be therapy all in itself. Take it a step further and rearrange furniture to make the space more functional and you’ve got a new, fresh area that takes “organization therapy” to whole new level.

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An entire room can be transformed, or just one section of a room, like a desk or office area.

office-before1 office-after1

And that’s the business of professional organizers – to transform spaces into livable, more functional spaces.

That said, it should be noted that organizing other people’s spaces is sort of an exact science and has certain methodologies to create order – or  organization – in spaces. The expertise, knowledge and experience of a professional organizer makes all the difference in not only transforming spaces, but transforming lives.

Here are the top 10 ways a professional organizer makes a difference in improving someone’s life:

  1. They see beyond the mess. They can see beyond a disordered space and identify the root of organization problems. This gives them solutions to handle the issue so that a person can get and STAY organized.
  2. They have knowledge of organization basics. These are simple methods that others may not even be aware of or think about using or doing. This knowledge could be as simple as “put the mail in [a designated spot] instead of on there [like tossed on the table].”
  3. Their expertise lends valuable advice. An expert in any field is as valuable as the knowledge and experience they can bring to the client. A professional organizer’s expertise is creating order and providing organizing solutions to help the client live better – more efficiently, more productively, more stress-free.
  4. Their guidance and support helps get the job done. Aside from lending advice, guiding someone through their clutter and disorganization is beneficial to most anyone who calls on a professional for help. This is because they have decided or realized that they can’t do it alone, or don’t want to do it alone.
  5. They offer organizing solutions to fit any organization issue. These solutions can come in the form of advice and/or certain organizing products that help create organized spaces.
  6. They know all types of organizing products and storage solutions to fit any needs. A professional organizer has an eye for products that solve organization issues, and know the stores that carry what is needed.
  7. They have the ability to create space. This ability is derived from the knowledge of how clutter eats space and how removing it can free up space. It also comes from how they see the space once organization is put into it.
  8. Their strategies and organizing systems are custom-made for the individual. By custom-made, means tailor-made to fit an individual’s situation, issue, problem or lifestyle. The “No one shoe fits all” statement applies to organizing someone because everyone is different in one way or another.
  9. They help people streamline their lives. This is accomplished by helping people get rid of what is no longer needed, wanted, or just doesn’t have any value or function anymore – something that some people cannot identify by themselves.
  10. They inspire and motivate people to improve their situation. This alone may be all it takes to make a difference for someone, but it really enables a person to reach their goals and objectives to be organized.

I invite you to offer more ways a professional organizer makes a difference by leaving a comment!

Testimonial: This Field Helps Me In Everyday Life

“Thank you for your support in this course…I have always been interested in this field of work. I grew up with a grammy who was very poor growing up. She grew up in the depression and til the day she died would not eat baloney. My mother grew up in the forties and fifties and learned the same sort of behaviors from her mother. I learned a lot from both of them and started coaching in my early years. At the time I did not know I was coaching but I remember saying “grammy are you sure it is ok to eat soup from the 1960’s in the 1980’s” her response was always “yes because it was in a can and not opened it is safe to eat” (we will see in my later years when I develop something related to tin and old tomato soup). I also remember looking at my grammy’s life magazines at our cottage and asking her would she leave them to me. I remember only looking at about ten of them over and over again throughout the years but when she passed I was willed 150 of them.

My mother was similar to her mother (my grammy) a collector of all who threw little away. I left my house at 18 for college returned on October break less than two months later and my room was turned into a sewing room. I had no bedroom and the only thing I could sleep on was a couch full of cat hair (she lived on a farm) or with her on a water bed which made me sick. I went to live with my grammy for the summers. Throughout most of my teens and twenties I worked hard to talk my grammy into maybe throwing some things away. I am still waiting for knit ponchos to come back in style because she said they would and that is why she could not throw away the old sewing magazines.

When my grammy passed in 2000 it took some hired assistance a year to clean her home. I think they have my coin collection but that is a completely different issue. My mother passed away shortly after in 2004, and my sister and I had the daunting task of cleaning out her farm home, barn, and attic. I swore at that time I would not leave my home to someone else to clean out. On the last day of the 3 day yard sale it had rained and all the sewing stuff was left out. A lady came up the driveway to and asked if she could be the remaining items and we said no just take them. She loaded them into her vehicle and left. I immediately felt bad for her children or the person left cleaning out her house. The ironic part is that my mother agreed to let me help her organize her home weeks before she passed away. She told me that the reason she hadn’t done it is because she just didn’t know where to begin. Before she died she asked my sister and I to promise not to throw away any of her things. I realized how important things were to her and also realized that her things were not my things and therefore had no real significance except they were hers and I loved her. We had a 3 day yard sale, donated truck loads of stuff, and had four industrial size dumpsters at $400 a pop brought in to clean out her house.

Present day. Well here I am taking a class and the biggest lesson I have learned is that you just have to begin. Have a plan, take a breath, and BEGIN. I did not know there were so many options when it came to professional organizing. In fact, I thought that since I work in the criminal justice system I could work with individuals who either have lost or not learned how to organize their lives in a healthy manner. I thought about it for about 30 seconds and decided that I needed to get away from this field and take on other challenges.

I enjoy reading and learning and this class has taught me a lot. It is clear and basic information that does not make things to complicated but achieves extraordinary results. I love this field because it helps me everyday in my own life. It improves my current job responsibilities, helps me to assist others on a day to day basis, and gives me a lot of options when I retire in eight years. I am always rethinking about how I do day to day activities based on what I have learned. I am trying to live and incorporate the tools I have learned in your program to share with others. It is not the money that drives me (because I am independently wealthy- that is not true) it is the belief that when your life is organized your mind is organized and any obstacles that you face you can find a solution for. So what I learned from you and from this course is to just BEGIN and success will follow.”

Jill Ingraham

Testimonial: The Beginning Of A Journey

“Although I had been doing a fair bit of reading on establishing a Professional Organizing business and on organizing practices and had already established some business tools such as business plan, marketing plan, work routine, filing system, tracking systems, contact management system and defined my services and target markets prior to starting this course, it has helped me realize that I had been working on the right items, asking myself the right questions, while at the same time helping me look at things from a different angle and challenge some of the decisions I had made. As an example, although I had already defined my marketing plan, the variety of the marketing methods that were shared in the book has inspired me to look again at my plan and improve on it. As a result, I feel more confident about my business’ preparedness and readiness to work with clients.

Another of the key take-away from this course is the importance of goals setting to drive action plans. I believe I am quite strong at developing a work-plan including identifying tasks, time and resources needed as well as monitoring the progress, but I have to confess that I sometimes tend not to spend enough time formulating the specific goals of the project. This is particularly true of areas I am not feeling comfortable doing (anything related to actively promoting my services and trying hard at making a sale happen). As a result, the priority I set to some tasks may not support the achievement of the goals of the project in the most efficient way. However I am pleased to report that during the course of this training, I have been acting upon my procrastination and have managed to finalize the discussions with an insurance company on getting a public liability cover and also follow up with clients from which I had not heard for a while and manage to move things forward.

This course has also helped me look at the bigger picture when working with clients and recognize signals behind clutter that may not have necessarily been brought up by the client. A good example of this would be the work I did at my husband’s office (practical 44 on space planning improvement). My husband had moved into his current office about 18 months ago after being notified that his contract would be terminated as his role was no longer needed. However the company has extended his contract three times over this period so that he could follow through the completion of a couple of projects and also because they are trying to find him a new role within the company. As a result, my husband has always seen his office as a temporary one and has never really settled in and established processes to create order. Realizing this helped me share my recommendations on how to improve his space planning in a more mindful manner.

This is definitely the beginning of a journey for me and my business and I realize how much more I need to learn about this business. I am very committed to beef up my skills through additional training and reading, but I also realize the importance of diving in and learning from experience and mistakes. So thank you Cyndi for putting this great course together and giving me the courage to make things happen!

Looking forward, I think one of the most pressing areas I would need your help in terms of mentoring would be on how to conduct assessment. I think the assessments I have been conducting so far are not thorough enough. I also struggle during the assessments to find the right balance between giving tips to my clients so that they find me knowledgeable and worthy but without saying too much so that they do not go and apply my recommendations on their own.”


Testimonial: It’s Given Me The Necessary Knowledge

“The Professional Organizer Training Course has prepared me for a successful career by teaching me the knowledge, skills, and abilities of an organizer. It has shown me that professional organizing is much more than creating order out of disorder, it is also giving people the opportunity of a better way of life. My interest in the organizing industry has increased since learning that I can potentially improve a person’s lifestyle.

This course has given me the necessary knowledge of how to start and run a business. Everything from setting up my business operations to handling finances and creating a successful business plan, as well as the basics to running an organizing business. The information pertaining to business operations was extremely helpful. Before taking the course, I was unaware of what steps needed to be taken to become a business owner, but now, I feel confident that I can start and run business.

Even though I have a love and natural ability for organizing, there was a lot more information to learn about the organizing industry. This course covers the steps to take during an organizing project including needs assessments, job orders, etc. I also learned which target markets I’d like to work with and which skills I want to offer them. The information in this course has helped me define myself as an organizer.

Before starting my organizing business, I wanted to educate myself on the how to, as well as learn more about the field I was about to venture into. After completing the Professional Organizer Training Course, I have that knowledge and the confidence to start and run my own business.”

Brittany Jackson

Testimonial: Course Gave Me Answers & Direction

“I have actually worked as an organizer for several years – part volunteer and also getting paid for some of my projects. I have organized two moving sales, an estate sale and several downsizing sales. I have helped organize a hobby room, an office and a basement.

“Taking the course confirmed some of my methods and procedures, which was encouraging. But I still had a lot of questions. Taking the course has given me the answers and direction I needed to take my desire to be a professional organizer to the next level. The course confirmed my belief that the service I was providing was valuable and an extension of my natural talents and that I had a right to charge a fair price for it.

“I have already gotten my DBA (Debbees Busy Bees Household Organizers”), purchased business cards, designed a brochure, sent them out to local businesses, designed an ad for local news publications and set up office procedures for my new business. I purchased a small utility trailer and am stocked up on supplies I’ll need to facilitate any organizing job. I am very excited to enter my new career as a “certified professional organizer”.

“The course covered everything I feel I need to know to become a CPO and then some! I know the manual will be a valuable tool in my bag as I move forward. I have purchased some of the recommended books and plan to buy the others at some point. I will plan to take further courses as time allows.”

Debbra Eckhout
Arcadia Michigan

Testimonial: Had Me Thinking Outside The Box

“I started this training in January 2014 and over the past four months, I have had opportunity to apply the skills that I have in addition to the skills and knowledge that I’ve learned by enrolling in this course. It has confirmed my desire to do what I enjoy. I have always been an organized person. When I walk into any room, I immediately scan for spatial placement as well as “hot spots” of clutter and can see the end result. I feel life runs smoother when things are in their place and I want others to enjoy that feeling.

“In one of my practical assignments, I organized my son’s new home, which was very gratifying and he was very appreciative. It gives me confidence for this business, and what I do just seems natural. I have had the opportunity to also help a friend re-do the 3 houses she has moved into over the course of 4 years, I’m the one she calls! I organized my daughter and her husband’s house recently as well.

“This course gave me the understanding beginning with what a Professional Organizer is to getting the business started into running the business, organizing the client down to the marketing aspect. What this taught me will help me systematically do those steps in order to be successful.

“It has given me the desire to continue doing what I enjoy doing and influencing me even more. This course also had me thinking outside the box with the possibility of extending what I thought I was going to do solely in home organization, into doing office organization. That is something I didn’t even know existed. All the fundamentals that I’ve learned, however, now gives me more options for my business.

“I will keep the Training Manual and Course Materials on hand and will always be looking for additional knowledge and suggestions to help me be a success.”

Gayle Joyner

20 Year Anniversary For Professional Organizer Academy


We’re celebrating our 20-year anniversary of the Professional Organizer Academy!

Established in 1995, the Academy has been helping students get started in their career as a professional Organizer, and now its celebrating its 20-year anniversary.

Training over 2,000 students since 1994, the Academy has helped bring new professional organizers to the industry in all parts of the world. Some of them have come to the ranks as a CPO (Certified Professional Organizer) through NAPO’s (National Association of Professional Organizers) certification process and some have run their business without any kind of rank.

In reflecting over the years, training students to enter into a new profession that they are passionate about has had many rewards. The success story testimonials that each student submits at the end of the Course for Professional Organizers has always been nothing short of astounding.

“Some success stories make me cry with happiness,” says Founder and Training Director Cyndi Seidler. “Students sometimes write such personal stories about how the course helped them that it literally brought tears to my eyes.”

Seidler founded HandyGirl Organizers in 1994 and turned over ownership to her daughter in 2012 (who worked with the company for over 10 years). She later established The Organizing Lady to service the Los Angeles Valley area and focus on organization consulting mostly. But it was a year after establishing HandyGirl that she ran into the demand to train people for a career as a professional organizer and started the online training academy. It was the first of its kind anywhere.

Seidler stated, “I was asked to deliver a course about a career as a professional organizer and agreed. I quickly had to put together material for this class and that material was the impetus that led to my book, “A Manual For Professional Organizers.”

As the world evolves, so the book then took off with abundant and continuous sales. It was this which led Seidler into developing the Professional Organizer Course and an apprenticeship. And to bring continued education on the subject, she later produced a video series of organizing tips, wrote numerous articles, delivered many seminars, and co-produced a DVD “Get Organized With Cyndi Seidler.”

Now, 20 years later, the Academy continues to thrive training new professional organizers in a continuously growing profession. “It’s one of those things that I don’t see going away anytime in the near future,” says Seidler. “As long as there is a demand for people to learn how to have a career in this profession, the Academy will always be here to show them the way.”

Testimonial: Very Valuable Information

 “This course has helped me in so many ways to learn how to be a successful Professional Organizer. Not only have I learned how to start, run, and market my business, but also how to work with clients. The actual act of organizing comes natural to me but the business part was completely new and the information in this course has been extremely helpful and informative.

“Before I began this course, I had no idea all that I would need to do legally and professionally to get a business up and running. This program provided all of the steps necessary to succeed. I have goals, a business plan, and an outline of how to implement my plan and carry it out to fruition. I have learned about all of the forms I will need to use routinely for my business from the sample forms that you provided as a general guide. I have marketing ideas that I can use to attract potential customers with the smallest investment for the biggest bang. I already have family and friends spreading my skills by word of mouth, which is the best free advertising!

“This course provided very valuable information on how to encourage and help the client to decide what needs to be kept, donated, and given away. I learned that the object of hiring a professional organizer is so that the room, spot, or paperwork to be organized is done so in such a way that the client will be able to keep it up, and that will be the most convenient for him/her. The organizing does not need to be perfect for the organizer, it needs to be perfect for the client!

“What I enjoyed most about this program were the actual projects for organizing for my family and friends. Helping them to organize their pantries, closets,office areas, paperwork, cabinets, and drawers was great fun. They enjoyed learning some of the tricks of the trade, such as putting things in places where you are most likely to use them, and how to make a file box or cabinet so that they can find important paperwork quickly. When the projects were finished they were so happy and very grateful for the assistance. They have told me that what they had dreaded doing and put off because it seemed too overwhelming and didn’t know where to start was actually made fun and simple with my guidance and support.

“I am so glad that I have taken this course, and I cannot wait to get started on my future career!”

Marie Pickett-Arellano


Testimonial: A New Chapter of My Life

“I signed up for this professional organizing course because I wasn’t one hundred percent certain this was something I wanted to pursue. Having zero knowledge of the organizing industry, I used this as my “first step” to determine if I was a good fit. This course provided so much more than that.

“Through the homework assignments, I was introduced to different aspects of professional organizing, including the industry, the business, and the daily tasks. It made me think of the details of my own life that needed organized and opened my eyes to knowing that professional organizers can start a business part time and turn into successful businesspeople. I determined I was a good fit when I helped several of my friends organize their homes and barns. I was able to make a log and track the details as if they were a business client.

“I want to open an organizing business to be successful doing what I love, while helping people who do not possess the same skills. Knowing now that I have the skills and knowledge of starting a business, I am searching for local professional organizers to shadow as my next step.

“That being said, I am very grateful for stumbling upon this course and to begin a new chapter of my life.”

Christen Hartman