The rewards of the professional organizing profession are numerous and Organizers are often called “miracle workers” after they put order in. Creating order out of disorder does leave some miraculous results and will always change a person’s life for the better, in one way or another.

Just removing clutter from a space can be therapy all in itself. Take it a step further and rearrange furniture to make the space more functional and you’ve got… Continue reading

“Thank you for your support in this course…I have always been interested in this field of work. I grew up with a grammy who was very poor growing up. She grew up in the depression and til the day she died would not eat baloney. My mother grew up in the forties and fifties and learned the same sort of behaviors from her mother. I learned a lot from both of them and started coaching… Continue reading

“Although I had been doing a fair bit of reading on establishing a Professional Organizing business and on organizing practices and had already established some business tools such as business plan, marketing plan, work routine, filing system, tracking systems, contact management system and defined my services and target markets prior to starting this course, it has helped me realize that I had been working on the right items, asking myself the right questions, while at… Continue reading

“The Professional Organizer Training Course has prepared me for a successful career by teaching me the knowledge, skills, and abilities of an organizer. It has shown me that professional organizing is much more than creating order out of disorder, it is also giving people the opportunity of a better way of life. My interest in the organizing industry has increased since learning that I can potentially improve a person’s lifestyle.

This course has given me… Continue reading

“I have actually worked as an organizer for several years – part volunteer and also getting paid for some of my projects. I have organized two moving sales, an estate sale and several downsizing sales. I have helped organize a hobby room, an office and a basement.

“Taking the course confirmed some of my methods and procedures, which was encouraging. But I still had a lot of questions. Taking the course has given me the… Continue reading

“I started this training in January 2014 and over the past four months, I have had opportunity to apply the skills that I have in addition to the skills and knowledge that I’ve learned by enrolling in this course. It has confirmed my desire to do what I enjoy. I have always been an organized person. When I walk into any room, I immediately scan for spatial placement as well as “hot spots” of clutter… Continue reading

We're celebrating our 20-year anniversary of the Professional Organizer Academy! Established in 1995, the Academy has been helping students get started in their career as a professional Organizer, and now its celebrating its 20-year anniversary. Training over 2,000 students since 1994, the Academy has helped bring new professional organizers to the industry in all parts of the world. Some of them have come to the ranks as a CPO (Certified Professional Organizer) through NAPO's (National Association of Professional Organizers) certification process and some have run their business without any kind of rank. Continue reading

 “This course has helped me in so many ways to learn how to be a successful Professional Organizer. Not only have I learned how to start, run, and market my business, but also how to work with clients. The actual act of organizing comes natural to me but the business part was completely new and the information in this course has been extremely helpful and informative.

“Before I began this… Continue reading

“I signed up for this professional organizing course because I wasn’t one hundred percent certain this was something I wanted to pursue. Having zero knowledge of the organizing industry, I used this as my “first step” to determine if I was a good fit. This course provided so much more than that.

“Through the homework assignments, I was introduced to different aspects of professional organizing, including the industry, the business, and the daily tasks. It… Continue reading