New Original Series Professional Organizers Will Love!

Disorganized Zone DVD Cover

As the Training Director of the Professional Organizer Academy, I’m proud to announce my new Original Sci-fi Comedy Series called “DISORGANIZED ZONE” starring Judy Norton (as The Organizer) and David Pevsner (as The Host).  It is airing on the Canadian network Vulcan TV (vTV) and streaming on the vTV website  – – as a Video On Demand (VOD).

Produced, written and directed by myself and Judy Norton, the series presents stand-alone stories that’s a parody of The Twilight Zone. And each episode is a story that professional organizers (and other people) will most likely relate with!

Episode 1 “Universe Two” launched on June 8th and can be viewed on vTV:

This week Episode 2 “A Past Not So Dear” is now streaming on vTV:

You can follow the series updates and watch the trailers at any of these sites:

Hope you watch and enjoy (and share!)

Yours truly,
Cyndi Seidler



Setting Yourself Apart From Others In This Business

Webinar How To Stand Out From Others In This Business

A Webinar delivered by The Organizing Lady Cyndi Seidler for Profitable Organizer was recently posted on YouTube for viewing. It’s a great continued education Webinar for any professional organizer.

Cyndi talks about finding your “uniqueness”, becoming more than you are now, how to stand out in the crowd, expanding your horizons as an organizing expert and how to reach out far and wide to gain attention and get known in this industry.

Watch Webinar

Setting Yourself Apart From Others In This Business

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20 Year Anniversary For Professional Organizer Academy


We’re celebrating our 20-year anniversary of the Professional Organizer Academy!

Established in 1995, the Academy has been helping students get started in their career as a professional Organizer, and now its celebrating its 20-year anniversary.

Training over 2,000 students since 1994, the Academy has helped bring new professional organizers to the industry in all parts of the world. Some of them have come to the ranks as a CPO (Certified Professional Organizer) through NAPO’s (National Association of Professional Organizers) certification process and some have run their business without any kind of rank.

In reflecting over the years, training students to enter into a new profession that they are passionate about has had many rewards. The success story testimonials that each student submits at the end of the Course for Professional Organizers has always been nothing short of astounding.

“Some success stories make me cry with happiness,” says Founder and Training Director Cyndi Seidler. “Students sometimes write such personal stories about how the course helped them that it literally brought tears to my eyes.”

Seidler founded HandyGirl Organizers in 1994 and turned over ownership to her daughter in 2012 (who worked with the company for over 10 years). She later established The Organizing Lady to service the Los Angeles Valley area and focus on organization consulting mostly. But it was a year after establishing HandyGirl that she ran into the demand to train people for a career as a professional organizer and started the online training academy. It was the first of its kind anywhere.

Seidler stated, “I was asked to deliver a course about a career as a professional organizer and agreed. I quickly had to put together material for this class and that material was the impetus that led to my book, “A Manual For Professional Organizers.”

As the world evolves, so the book then took off with abundant and continuous sales. It was this which led Seidler into developing the Professional Organizer Course and an apprenticeship. And to bring continued education on the subject, she later produced a video series of organizing tips, wrote numerous articles, delivered many seminars, and co-produced a DVD “Get Organized With Cyndi Seidler.”

Now, 20 years later, the Academy continues to thrive training new professional organizers in a continuously growing profession. “It’s one of those things that I don’t see going away anytime in the near future,” says Seidler. “As long as there is a demand for people to learn how to have a career in this profession, the Academy will always be here to show them the way.”