This Course provides the teachings and “how to” for running a successful organizing business in this industry.


Since 1995, this course has helped individuals start, run and grow their organizing business. It has been designed to help anyone who needs to develop skills and the “how to” on working with clients on various types of organizing jobs.

The training gives an organizer certainty and know-how in starting and running their business, marketing approaches to use, working with clients, and much more.

Students are awarded a certificate for completion of “The Professional Organizer Course” upon finishing the course.

Learn all you need to start your career

The Course for Professional Organizers includes information on:

  • Business basics
  • The organizing industry
  • Organizing basics
  • Paper Management
  • Task Management
  • Time Management
  • Work Management
  • Project Management
  • Contact Management
  • Space planning

Learn about paper management, task management, time management, work management, project management, contact management, and space planning.

The ebook, “A Manual For Professional Organizers” by Cyndi Seidler is part of the course materials and provides everything you will need to know in starting, running, and growing this business. It will give you the direction you need (Note: the book is also on the “Recommended Reading” list for NAPO’s CPO certification).

Students who want coaching and mentoring can sign up for the Apprenticeship program which includes this course and consultations with Cyndi Seidler.

Your home, your time

The course is done on your own hours however it is recommended that you invest a minimum of 3 hours a week on it. The course can be completed between 10-20 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more.

Cost for course only (without apprenticeship) is $155.00 — includes cost of materials (including ebook, A Manual For Professional Organizers).

After enrollment …

Registered students will be able to access the course materials in the online Training Academy course room. Students also receive a course checklist to follow that contains a list of materials to read and practical assignments.