How A Professional Organizer’s Website Can Bring Clients

How A Professional Organizer’s Website Can Bring Clients

Organizing Lady website design

Think of a website as a brochure with a digital portfolio in it. It fundamentally tells people about you, it lists your services, and it provides a way to contact you.

Organizing Lady website design

Time after time I’ve had clients tell me that they picked me out of other professional organizers because of my website. So what elements did my site have that others may not have had? I decided to look into that. And here are 6 key things I learned:

  1. My photo on homepage. First of all, besides an appealing website design, my site had a picture of me on the homepage. One client told me that they felt more connected to who I was the minute they came to my site. So this is obviously an important feature to some people looking for an organizer.
  2. Less Homepage clutter. My website was less cluttered with content on the homepage than others. While other sites had loads of content compared to mine, most people don’t want to read through everything – they just want to know who you are and what you can do for them.
  3. An appealing professional looking web design. Needless to say, a website that looks out-dated (with a web design from the 90’s or something) will tell people you aren’t business savvy enough to keep your site looking good.
  4. Having a mobile friendly website that can be viewed from any size device. It is the year 2015 folks and people are using their mobile devices to access information on the Internet, so a website had better be mobile-friendly. Otherwise people will not be able to read your site easily on their mobile devices, if it could be read at all.
  5. Large quality images on the site. The days of small images scattered on a website are gone. Best Web design elements today call for large imagery, especially on the Homepage in the top header area. Image sliders are a a popular choice in the presentation of a site and are now used often in web design.
  6. Present yourself as an authority in the field. Since a Website is essentially your presentation brochure to potential clients, you will want to make yourself unique, or stand out from others in some way. There are several ways to position yourself as an authority and one way is writing articles about organizing (like in a Blog on your site).

There were other elements, but not as important as these. Everyone else seemed to have a social media presence and post “before-after” photos and contain client testimonials, so these were not unique to what I had on my site.

I personally design my own sites (including this one) and even developed a business doing web design – Seidler Designs – out of the need from others coming to me to design sites for them. I also had decided to offer this service to fellow professional organizers as well at a very reduced fee ($450 for a 5-page website).

As a matter of fact, I just re-designed a site for a colleague to make it mobile-friendly – The older site’s Homepage was about 3 pages long with content. Here is before and after:



And feel free to check out my own organizing sites to see the above elements I talked about:



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