Online Course For Professional Organizers
Offers Flexible Learning

Our professional organizer online training program is available to anyone globally and is designed to help you start and run your organizing business quickly!

Study in your own home, in your own time

The academy offers flexible learning and offers a course that is done with the hours you choose to spend on it. It is however recommended that you invest a minimum of 3 hours a week on it. The course can be completed between 10-20 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more.

This course is designed to help you start
and run your organizing business
within a couple weeks.

Develop Skills

While being organized yourself is a definite asset, simply doing what works for you may be too limiting for the client. The critical skill that a professional organizer must have is the ability to create customized organizing solutions that work for the client.

The course helps anyone who needs to develop skills and the “how to” on working with clients on various types of organizing jobs. And it gives a student certainty and know-how in starting and running their business, marketing approaches to use, working with clients, and much more.

Learn all you need to start your career

The Course for Professional Organizers includes information on:
  • Business basics
  • The organizing industry
  • Organizing basics
  • Paper Management
  • Task Management
  • Time Management
  • Work Management
  • Project Management
  • Contact Management
  • Space planning

Learn from a Pro!

The academy is an online educational venue that has been providing specialized online training for professional organizers all over the world since 1995. The course Training Director is author and leading expert in the field of professional organizing, Cyndi Seidler.

The industry's best selling book is included in the course!

The book, “Manual For Professional Organizers,” by Cyndi Seidler is part of the course materials as an eBook and provides everything you will need to know in starting, running, and growing this business. It will give you the direction you need (Note: the book is known as The "Bible Book" of the industry  and also on the “Recommended Reading” list for NAPO’s CPO certification).

No Exams!

There are no exams a student has to pass. Each student completing a course is awarded an attractive course completion certificate.

Make your organizing skills work for you among the most sought after home and office services today.

Enroll in this 2-week course for only $155 and study from the comfort of your couch.