Testimonial: Behind The Scenes As A Professional Organizer

Testimonial: Behind The Scenes As A Professional Organizer

“I had never organized a space for someone else, only my things. So I decided to go online to find some guidance on how I could do that. I knew some things, but I needed to become more experienced. I came across this course and I was so happy I found it. This course has taught me the “behind the scenes” part of being a professional organizer. How to work with clients and the things you need to ask them. For organizers, some things can be really obvious, but for other people it might not be and that is what you have to guide them. This course has given me all the tools I need to open my PO business and how to become a good one. I learned it is not only about the physical organization, it is also about the mental organization and how one affects the other. If you mind is cleared and organized, then it is easier to make your surroundings organized as well and it is also easier to keep it that way. And that, I think, is what it is more important to make clients understand. I can organize a space a million times, but if the client doesn’t know why, then it will continue to get disorganized.

“I am so happy I found this course. This is just the beginning on what I hope will be a great career path for me and a way to help people complete their goals faster and easier.”

Katiana Zambrano


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