Testimonial: Had Me Thinking Outside The Box

Testimonial: Had Me Thinking Outside The Box

“I started this training in January 2014 and over the past four months, I have had opportunity to apply the skills that I have in addition to the skills and knowledge that I’ve learned by enrolling in this course. It has confirmed my desire to do what I enjoy. I have always been an organized person. When I walk into any room, I immediately scan for spatial placement as well as “hot spots” of clutter and can see the end result. I feel life runs smoother when things are in their place and I want others to enjoy that feeling.

“In one of my practical assignments, I organized my son’s new home, which was very gratifying and he was very appreciative. It gives me confidence for this business, and what I do just seems natural. I have had the opportunity to also help a friend re-do the 3 houses she has moved into over the course of 4 years, I’m the one she calls! I organized my daughter and her husband’s house recently as well.

“This course gave me the understanding beginning with what a Professional Organizer is to getting the business started into running the business, organizing the client down to the marketing aspect. What this taught me will help me systematically do those steps in order to be successful.

“It has given me the desire to continue doing what I enjoy doing and influencing me even more. This course also had me thinking outside the box with the possibility of extending what I thought I was going to do solely in home organization, into doing office organization. That is something I didn’t even know existed. All the fundamentals that I’ve learned, however, now gives me more options for my business.

“I will keep the Training Manual and Course Materials on hand and will always be looking for additional knowledge and suggestions to help me be a success.”

Gayle Joyner


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