Testimonial: It’s Given Me The Necessary Knowledge

Testimonial: It’s Given Me The Necessary Knowledge

“The Professional Organizer Training Course has prepared me for a successful career by teaching me the knowledge, skills, and abilities of an organizer. It has shown me that professional organizing is much more than creating order out of disorder, it is also giving people the opportunity of a better way of life. My interest in the organizing industry has increased since learning that I can potentially improve a person’s lifestyle.

This course has given me the necessary knowledge of how to start and run a business. Everything from setting up my business operations to handling finances and creating a successful business plan, as well as the basics to running an organizing business. The information pertaining to business operations was extremely helpful. Before taking the course, I was unaware of what steps needed to be taken to become a business owner, but now, I feel confident that I can start and run business.

Even though I have a love and natural ability for organizing, there was a lot more information to learn about the organizing industry. This course covers the steps to take during an organizing project including needs assessments, job orders, etc. I also learned which target markets I’d like to work with and which skills I want to offer them. The information in this course has helped me define myself as an organizer.

Before starting my organizing business, I wanted to educate myself on the how to, as well as learn more about the field I was about to venture into. After completing the Professional Organizer Training Course, I have that knowledge and the confidence to start and run my own business.”

Brittany Jackson


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