Testimonial: A New Chapter of My Life

Testimonial: A New Chapter of My Life

“I signed up for this professional organizing course because I wasn’t one hundred percent certain this was something I wanted to pursue. Having zero knowledge of the organizing industry, I used this as my “first step” to determine if I was a good fit. This course provided so much more than that.

“Through the homework assignments, I was introduced to different aspects of professional organizing, including the industry, the business, and the daily tasks. It made me think of the details of my own life that needed organized and opened my eyes to knowing that professional organizers can start a business part time and turn into successful businesspeople. I determined I was a good fit when I helped several of my friends organize their homes and barns. I was able to make a log and track the details as if they were a business client.

“I want to open an organizing business to be successful doing what I love, while helping people who do not possess the same skills. Knowing now that I have the skills and knowledge of starting a business, I am searching for local professional organizers to shadow as my next step.

“That being said, I am very grateful for stumbling upon this course and to begin a new chapter of my life.”

Christen Hartman