Testimonial: The Beginning Of A Journey

Testimonial: The Beginning Of A Journey

“Although I had been doing a fair bit of reading on establishing a Professional Organizing business and on organizing practices and had already established some business tools such as business plan, marketing plan, work routine, filing system, tracking systems, contact management system and defined my services and target markets prior to starting this course, it has helped me realize that I had been working on the right items, asking myself the right questions, while at the same time helping me look at things from a different angle and challenge some of the decisions I had made. As an example, although I had already defined my marketing plan, the variety of the marketing methods that were shared in the book has inspired me to look again at my plan and improve on it. As a result, I feel more confident about my business’ preparedness and readiness to work with clients.

Another of the key take-away from this course is the importance of goals setting to drive action plans. I believe I am quite strong at developing a work-plan including identifying tasks, time and resources needed as well as monitoring the progress, but I have to confess that I sometimes tend not to spend enough time formulating the specific goals of the project. This is particularly true of areas I am not feeling comfortable doing (anything related to actively promoting my services and trying hard at making a sale happen). As a result, the priority I set to some tasks may not support the achievement of the goals of the project in the most efficient way. However I am pleased to report that during the course of this training, I have been acting upon my procrastination and have managed to finalize the discussions with an insurance company on getting a public liability cover and also follow up with clients from which I had not heard for a while and manage to move things forward.

This course has also helped me look at the bigger picture when working with clients and recognize signals behind clutter that may not have necessarily been brought up by the client. A good example of this would be the work I did at my husband’s office (practical 44 on space planning improvement). My husband had moved into his current office about 18 months ago after being notified that his contract would be terminated as his role was no longer needed. However the company has extended his contract three times over this period so that he could follow through the completion of a couple of projects and also because they are trying to find him a new role within the company. As a result, my husband has always seen his office as a temporary one and has never really settled in and established processes to create order. Realizing this helped me share my recommendations on how to improve his space planning in a more mindful manner.

This is definitely the beginning of a journey for me and my business and I realize how much more I need to learn about this business. I am very committed to beef up my skills through additional training and reading, but I also realize the importance of diving in and learning from experience and mistakes. So thank you Cyndi for putting this great course together and giving me the courage to make things happen!

Looking forward, I think one of the most pressing areas I would need your help in terms of mentoring would be on how to conduct assessment. I think the assessments I have been conducting so far are not thorough enough. I also struggle during the assessments to find the right balance between giving tips to my clients so that they find me knowledgeable and worthy but without saying too much so that they do not go and apply my recommendations on their own.”



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