Testimonial: Very Valuable Information

Testimonial: Very Valuable Information

 “This course has helped me in so many ways to learn how to be a successful Professional Organizer. Not only have I learned how to start, run, and market my business, but also how to work with clients. The actual act of organizing comes natural to me but the business part was completely new and the information in this course has been extremely helpful and informative.

“Before I began this course, I had no idea all that I would need to do legally and professionally to get a business up and running. This program provided all of the steps necessary to succeed. I have goals, a business plan, and an outline of how to implement my plan and carry it out to fruition. I have learned about all of the forms I will need to use routinely for my business from the sample forms that you provided as a general guide. I have marketing ideas that I can use to attract potential customers with the smallest investment for the biggest bang. I already have family and friends spreading my skills by word of mouth, which is the best free advertising!

“This course provided very valuable information on how to encourage and help the client to decide what needs to be kept, donated, and given away. I learned that the object of hiring a professional organizer is so that the room, spot, or paperwork to be organized is done so in such a way that the client will be able to keep it up, and that will be the most convenient for him/her. The organizing does not need to be perfect for the organizer, it needs to be perfect for the client!

“What I enjoyed most about this program were the actual projects for organizing for my family and friends. Helping them to organize their pantries, closets,office areas, paperwork, cabinets, and drawers was great fun. They enjoyed learning some of the tricks of the trade, such as putting things in places where you are most likely to use them, and how to make a file box or cabinet so that they can find important paperwork quickly. When the projects were finished they were so happy and very grateful for the assistance. They have told me that what they had dreaded doing and put off because it seemed too overwhelming and didn’t know where to start was actually made fun and simple with my guidance and support.

“I am so glad that I have taken this course, and I cannot wait to get started on my future career!”

Marie Pickett-Arellano