The Professional Organizer Apprenticeship

The Professional Organizer Apprenticeship

apprenticeship for professional organizers

It is sometimes asked of me when a new student wants to enroll, “Do you think I should do the apprenticeship?” My answer is always the same, so I wanted to explain what I tell people.

Depending on the person, their background and skill set, I will often propose they do the apprenticeship if they don’t have the confidence, skills or experience to get started. And yes, while the course develops some confidence and skills, it does not provide the advice, guidance and mentorship that this apprenticeship offers during their first year in business.

Encountering a difficult or challenging client is a perfect example when advice and guidance is needed by course graduate students. This may not happen right away, but it may come up within the first 3 months or even 6-11 months later. Without the experience that a veteran organizer has in dealing with any type of client, the new professional organizer without a support system is alone in dealing with their client.

Apprentices learn a great deal during the course of their first year in business through the apprenticeship guidance provided to them. It’s there when you need it and there when you don’t need it. Simple as that.

So in making a decision on whether or not you should do the apprenticeship, ask yourself this, “Do I think I’ll need a support system after completing the course, especially if I encounter a challenging client?”

If your answer is “yes” than the apprenticeship is for you.


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